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It’s my Birthday

Do you make your patients and clients feel special? It's a wonderful feeling that you get when someone recognizes your day and fills one with appreciation. You all certainly made my day very specia... Read More

12 Key elements to your podcasts- if you want to keep your listeners!

What is the intro to your podcast show? This is the start of your show, or the opening.  It typically follows a specific format with certain key elements. 12 Keys to Opening your Podcast P... Read More

How to create podcasts to market Yourself

Podcasting is hot right now and a great way to spread your message, promoting yourself.  There's no comparison when it comes to providing your content.  But, you don't have to use expensive or sophi... Read More

How to Increase Views and Shares with Your Marketing

My bet is that you are not writing your health blog posts for yourself.  Instead, you want to spread your message to others- to help, inform and engage your readers.  Having your blog post go viral ... Read More

The Dirty Little Secret of Social Media Metrics

Viewing social media metrics is crucial regardless of whether you are in the financial sector, healthcare, medical or dental practice and any other business. The fact is, you need to know if the time ... Read More

Healthcare marketing explosion, are you in?

As digital health and artificial intelligence mesh with traditional medical practices on an ever growing scale, healthcare marketing is one of the fastest growing industries. The following news... Read More

How to Get Your First Thousand Instagram Followers

Instagram has finally taken off and many of your clients or prospective patients are on the site.  Having the images you post pass by them regularly is a good way to not only get noticed and kept... Read More

Do I Really Need to Market My Medical Practice?

Physicians and healthcare workers don't always see the need for medical marketing.  They know that the practice is a business but they don't view it the same way as the promotion of other businesses.... Read More

4 Tips to Boost Social Media Shares with health content

Do you know who your target market is?  You do?  Great!  Now, ask yourself, do you know what content they want, what's relevant and what solves their problems?  Are your posts hit or miss?  Have ... Read More

How does Google Rank YOUR medical practice?

In the last few weeks, we stressed the importance of SEO (search engine optimization) to increase ranking for your site.  That is why I am highlighting an article on this topic written by Joel Headle... Read More