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A Holiday wish for you!

Have a Joyous Holiday !  May you have good health and the warmth of family and friends around you. Share your good fortune with less fortunate people by doing a good deed. This will be much appreciat... Read More

Why Content Marketing is Key for Your Medical or Dental Practice

You're busy with the care of your patients and administrative running of your practice.  I get that.  I felt that way when I ran a busy practice in OB/GYN. But did you know that marketing is simp... Read More

How to Promote Your Medical Practice

Determine where your audience goes online when considering your brand-building strategies. After all, they will need to find you in order to view your content. If you are captivating and build rela... Read More

Uses for GIFs to spice up your emails

GIF best practices GIFs can make your emails more effective and add higher click-through rates . Here are 9 ways to use GIFs in your emails: 1. GIF placement-  Make sure your GIF doesn’t re... Read More

What do Your GIFs look like?

Do you use GIFs in your health marketing?  What about with your content marketing?  Do you even know what they are? We have all seen them in social media and blogs. It makes entertainment sites l... Read More

Your Brand vs Social Algorithms

This is the second in the series of the industry’s top news and updates as a Thanksgiving gift to you. Here we discuss ineffectual PPC habits and algorithmic changes that are forcing marketers to pi... Read More

Brands are getting serious about customer experience

This week as a Thanksgiving gift, we will feature the industry’s top news and updates. Here is the first one this week-  huge martech growth forecasted. Marketing Technology Budgets Will See D... Read More

Happy Thanksgiving (Here is Your Gift)

Thank you for your friendship, and your wisdom as we travel through life. I am grateful to have you in it. Have a wonderful holiday filled with family, food to sustain you, good conversation and ... Read More

5 Add-ons to Spice Up Your Content Marketing and Get it Shared

Want more shares and retweets on social media sites?  Well, then it's time to spice up your blog posts! Studies show that: Presentations that are accompanied by visual aids have been prov... Read More

How to Get Patient Attention with Your Content Marketing

Many marketers point out that since the human attention span is only eight seconds, (right up there with your typical goldfish) your content needs to be short. But this does not hold true in healt... Read More